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Dear Janet,


Alpine is wonderful.  It's as if he lived here forever.  Within a day, my male Zip was in the room with him.  Piper, my tortie...was a little standoffish...but is playing with toys with him for the past 2 days.

Alpine has had the full run of house, with dogs...since Saturday.  Very confident, playful and follows us.  He is also a little piggy...he loves his chicken I baked for him and loves blue wilderness can kitten...even cold.  All 3 cats eat can food in a row....really cute.

We love him...Thanks for such a great kitten!


Dear Janet,

Imagine my surprise when Maddie Grace began having conversations with me.  While she started out without a peep and very shy, she has blossomed to the point where she has regular eye contact, has a warm personality, runs around the house, and has the most feminine of meows.  I have never had a smarter cat.  She comes when called by name and she comes running when my fork taps the plate  for a treat; especially if it is anything tuna.  One clink and she is eager to do almost anything.  Maddie sometimes flies around the house, stopping to tease me and play and she is so cute when she prances like a dressage horse. Maddie is just as sweet as can be until infringe on her territory now that she has taken over the office as her very own.  The love seat has become hers, and if I mess with it in any way, she verbally sasses me for a day or two. So cute.  Thanks for Maddie Grace.  We are a good fit.


Just wanted you to know he is settling in really well so far! He's used his litterbox, eaten some food- he is anxious to explore the house! He's a slippery like guy, but we've caught him before he gets too far. We got a baby gate we are going to try out to let him explore incrementally (with supervision) 


I set him up with a little perch spot that he loves, he's always hanging out up there when I come in. 


He is a delight. 

Mackenzie W.

Hello Janet,


Quincy is really adjusting to his new home and I'm so very happy to be greeted by him when I get home. He follows me around the house and has become my bed buddy and rises early with me at 4am.  I enjoyed the weekend with him so much that I didn't leave the house. Everyone that sees pictures of him say that he's so cute and adorable. He's my mush and my Einstein. 

Yesterday I had the show "Incredible Dogs" on TV and he sat on the recliner and watched it. Then he moved so he could get a closer look and followed the activity of the dog. Would love to know what goes through his mind!! 


Mary Jean 

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