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$100 to the right home
Dylan is a seal mitted Ragdoll with stunning eye color and super soft fur.  He is also strong, vigorous, playful and healthy.  Loving, cuddly lap cat, very sweet and gentle. He is so sweet.  He would love to sit in your lap and get petted, and don’t be surprised when he rolls over to get his belly rubbed.  
Even though Dylan is eight years old, he comes with a long line that normally lives fifteen to eighteen years, with excellent health.  His breeder only breeds from cats that are strong and sound. He has many good years ahead of him to love you and be loved. In fact, one of the other cats from this line accidentally got pregnant, and gave birth to a healthy kitten when she was fifteen years old!  Dylan has a mad passion for roast chicken.  He would do best as an only child.
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